Olympic Games

Thanks Gary!

FIFTH Annual Palley Roundball Classic Games and Party

When: Saturday August 16, 2008

Olympics at the Palley Roundball Classic

Thanks to eveyone who came to our party!  Each year it seems to get bigger and better!

If you missed the fun, we hope to see you next year!


Cassie meets the Cotton Candy

ummmmmm... cotton candy

Group Shot


Jim and Megan


Get close to the sweaty guy


Ready to swim


We were lucky to have a special celebrity guest this year.  R&B singer, Montell Jordan, was in Sac for an old school show at Arco Arena that evening.  His bro Anthony is at the party every year, so Ant brought Montell to the party.  Montell is 6'8" and no slouch on the basketball court.  For those who don't know him, let me quote a little from Wiki regarding Montell's biggest hit song:   "This Is How We Do It" is a 1995 song by American R&B singer Montell Jordan. This song, Jordan's first single, is indicative of the hip-hop soul style popular at the time, featuring Jordan singing over an enhanced sample of Slick Rick's "Children's Story." "This is How We Do It" was number-one on the Billboard Hot 100 from April 15 to May 27, 1995 for seven weeks. The song has appeared on many dance compilations, including Jock Jams volume 2.  When played on Top 40 radio, the song's rap bridge is often edited out.  The song ranked #95 on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s.

[Itunes link to sample the song]

Montell Jordan


In addition to Mr. Jordan we also had air-brush tattoos...

The stamp

Ask your parents before getting a tat!


This year, we had lots of games! 

Water games, a money dive,  inner tube relays, a diving contest, and of course Bingo!

Olympic events

Ready, set, aim Go, go, go


Money dive $


Get ready, get set.... racing fun
Splash, splash, splash Go Haley go

Lexi in the tubes

CANNONBALL! 08.diving.2.jpg (730645 bytes)
08.diving.3.jpg (838928 bytes) 08.diving.4.jpg (1320321 bytes)




Championship Team: *

Anthony "I finally won the championship" McCrary

Carson "The Cadilac" Campbell

Montell "This is How we do it" Jordan

Greg "3 Time Champ" Zanolli

* Even Barry Bonds might say their victory deserves an asterik... cuz Ant and Montell missed the championship game.

The Champs

Big John, Cadillac Carson, Kameo and Greg Z

(The Champs with Big John and Kameo filling in for Ant and Montell)

Back to Back for Cadillac Carson!

3rd Trophy for Greg Z!


Kameo and Greg Z.


The Commissioner apologizes for not watching all the games, so is sorry if the awards are not perfect…

The Commissioner's Official Report stated that all players played well this year.



Alan "Big Mac" Godlove

M-V-P... M-V-P....

Big Mac going strong to the rim


All-star Team:

Kameo "Word Up" Williams

Alan "Big Mac" Godlove

Don "Fifty-Something" Pinkerton

Bryan "Keeps on giving" Givens

Jenn "Left and Right Hand Hook Shot" Hemmer

Paulina "Lock Down D" Johnson

Jenn Old Man Don


Toughest Player of the Day

Greg "tough as nails" Hayes for playing after taking a head to the eye which left a very big mark… I bet he has a black eye on Monday at work!

Honorable Mention to Kameo and Lina for losing 4 or 5 games in a row but kept on playing their butts off... and at least Lina was still smiling!

Hoops action


All No-Show Team

Andy "The Wino" Wellisch

Dan "Frisbee Boy" Staszak

Terrence "T-dawg" Williams

Friedman brothers

Pitts brothers

Jack "Don't call me Mister" Pool


Montell taking the rock to the hoop....

Montell taking it to the hoop... off the glass... Hoop


Chris and Carrie between games Godlove brothers waiting for some more action....


A young hoops fan, Big Mike, waiting to take the court... one of these years....

Big Mike rocking the King's shorts


John and Montell


Special Recognition - Lifetime Achievement Award - Flosser King

Gary "The Flosser" Slavit  (Don't ask me.  I guess it's an inside joke!)

The Flosser


Two new events this year...


Pool cleaning



Best hair


Most Popular Food/drink:

Cotton Candy (of course)

's Margaritas

All of the products prepared by Mrs. Costco's kitchen


Burgers by Grampa Dell

Suzi the bartender


Least Popular Food/Drink:

Beer (again)


Some of the medal winners

Michael Emily Lexi Parker



Indoor olympians

Mike and Hayden

More indoor olympics...

08.couch.jpg (828632 bytes)


Future Olympians

Maren Audrey
Emily Omar
Sophia Lucas




Spectators and Athletes...

Cruntley's 08.chang.jpg (526137 bytes)
Emily and Lauren The Patterson's
Family fun Fun, fun, fun


08.lou.2.jpg (857955 bytes) 08.holyfamily.jpg (576573 bytes) 08.laura.jpg (537920 bytes)


The Rich's 08.nancy.jpg (645044 bytes) 08.michele.jpg (423423 bytes)



Hope to see you back next year!


Your hosts thank you

Extra Special Thanks:

We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all who helped out.  So many of you helped before, during, and after the party!  You guys are awesome!


Lost and Found:

Items not claimed soon, will be given out as Bingo prizes next year...or you might see our kids wearing that stuff!?!? 

Lost and Found 2008

A pair of heelies, 3 boy's shirts, 3 towels, 5 socks, a pair of flip flops, green goggles and a floatie vest.



Previous years parties:





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